The Fondom Project

A digital condom for your Facebook account.
Be public. Stay Private.

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Your messaging is not confidential 😕

Your messaging is not confidential. Companies like Facebook have access to your chats, hence access your private life freely. As a result, they implement censorship. Your data is often abused and stolen. That leaves you exposed. The political advertising is chasing you all the time as well.

Don’t let Facebook use your content and sell your “likes”

While using The Fondom Project you stay private through your public life in social network, but Facebook has no access to your posts,messages,likes and no annoying political advertising,no crypto censorship and saves your battery life


What you see


What Facebook sees


Features from the future

Responsive design

Based on fluid design principles.
Works with any screen resolution

Customized settings

Choose settings depending on the criteria you value the most. With no limits.


In-app chat panel 24/7 active.
The support you need, right there.


Non consuming background operation for longer mobile life


Work simultaneously on different panels with the switcher

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Help us spreading the word.
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Grade of security


We use end-to-end encryption protocol based on ECDH (Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman)


User’s encryption keys and data are stored on user’s device with no third party access


We don't have access to your Facebook authentication data


We protect your data from leakages, hackers and censorship


No, we don't use any third party's servers - you login straight to facebook website
No, because we have NO connection to their API - we work with webview framework and we have webpage crawlers if smth changes in the code.
We use OpenPGP protocal for the encryption - your app keeps private keys and facebook sends your public keys - so they have no access to the content tranfered.
Yes, as your are not the exact beneficiary of your content in facebook it means then you can do whatever your want with it
NO, we have no access to it as we don't recieve your encryption keys
You just buy the app after 3 days trial period if you enjoy it

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